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Fetal Heart Society is a non-profit organization, incorporated in October 2014.

Mission Statement:

  • To advance the art and science of fetal cardiovascular medicine including diagnosis, management and treatment of cardiovascular conditions before birth and in the perinatal period
  • To improve the understanding of in-utero cardiovascular physiology by fostering scientific research, organized research collaboration, and mentorship for the benefit of patients
  • To educate medical and research professionals through scientific publications, education, and meetings


  • Advance the cause of research and education relating to the field of fetal cardiology and other reasonably related medical or scientific pursuits
  • Promote and encourage the development and advancement of the field of fetal cardiovascular diagnosis, management, and therapy
  • Promote the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships among the Society’s Members to enable sharing of ideas and research collaboration
  • Foster and facilitate multi-center research and collaboration to advance the field of fetal cardiovascular science and clinical practice by establishment of a Fetal Cardiovascular Research Collaborative within the Fetal Heart Society

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