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Chair | 2018
Shaine Alaine Morris

Dr. Shaine Morris is an Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, at Baylor College of Medicine and she specializes in Fetal Cardiology at Texas Children’s Fetal Center.

Board Member at Large | 2018
Jack Rychik

Dr. Jack Rychik is a Professor of Pediatrics at Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.  He is the Director of the Fetal Heart Program and the Single Ventricle Survivorship Program at The Cardiac Centre at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Active Member | 2016
Lisa Hornberger

Dr Lisa Hornberger is the current Director of the Fetal & Neonatal Cardiology Program, Professor of Pediatrics (Division of Cardiology) and Obstetric & Gynecology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Active Member | 2014
Edgar T. Jaeggi

Dr. Edgar Jaeggi is a Professor, Pediatrics, at the University of Toronto and he is the Head of the Fetal Cardiac Program for the Labatt Family Heart Centre at The Hospital for Sick Children.

Active Member | 2014
Wesley Lee

Dr. Wesley Lee is a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology with Baylor College of Medicine at Texas Children’s Hospital. He is the Division Director of Women’s and Fetal Imaging and also directs the Fetal Imaging Research Group (FIRG).

Active Member | 2014
Anita J. Moon-Grady

Dr. Anita Moon-Grady is a Professor, Pediatrics, at the University of California, San Francisco, and she is the Director of the Fetal Cardiovascular Program at Benioff Children’s Hospital.

Active Member | 2018
Shabnam Peyvandi

Dr. Shabnam Peyvandi is an Assistant Professor in the division of Pediatric Cardiology at UCSF. She heads the Paediatric Cardiovascular Genetics Program and Collaborates with the UCSF Fetal Treatment Centre.

Active Member | 2014
Michael Puchalski

Dr. Michael Puchalski is the Medical Director of Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging and the Fetal Heart Program at Intermountain Healthcare’s Primary Children’s Hospital.

Active Member | 2018
Wayne Tworetzky

Dr. Wayne Tworetzky is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and he is the Director of Fetal Imaging at the Fetal Cardiology Program at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Active Member
Shuping Ge

Shuping Ge is a pediatric cardiologist at St Children’s Hospital for Children, Philadelphia.

Active Member
Rick Michelfelder

Dr. Rick Michelfelder is a Professor of Pediatrics at Emory University School of Medicine. He is director of the Fetal Cardiac Program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta/Sibley Heart Center