Concept Research Proposal Submission Guidelines (PDF version)

  • 2 weeks prior to quarterly FHS Research Collaborative Committee Meeting
  • 11 point font, single line spacing and not to exceed 2 pages
Study Type
  • Main Study – New data
  • Ancillary Study – Secondary analysis, or extension of prior study
Study Date
Study Title

Principal Investigator* and hospital/program affiliation

  • *Should be an Fetal Heart Society (FHS) Active Member
Specific Aims
  • Please delineate specific research questions and hypotheses
  • Please provide background that justifies why this study is important
Brief Approach
  1. Study design
  2. Study population
  3. Time period to be studied
  4. Independent /Intervention variables: List variables to be studiedAre there any special skills that will be necessary at centers that enroll patients? How will the Principal Investigator “certify” centers regarding these skills (e.g. novel measurement or intervention)?
  5. Outcomes/Dependent variables: List primary and secondary outcomes Define the primary study outcome in sufficient detail to demonstrate that it is clinically relevant, free of bias and measurable
  6. Timeline


Event Calendar

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