July 2017 Position |Advanced Fetal Cardiovascular Fellowship

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Suitable qualified Maternal-Fetal Medicine or Pediatric Cardiology trained applicants are invite to apply for the second year of a newly established fellowship in Fetal Cardiovascular Medicine with the next cycle to begin in July 2017.

The Fetal Cardiovascular Fellowship is a one year program. Fellows will be appointed through the Graduate Medical Education Office of UTHealth-McGovern Medical School. Salary level will be commensurate with fellow’s previous level of training.

The Fetal Center, a joint effort by the UTHealth-McGovern Medical School and Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, is well established with over 7,000 referrals from Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Wisconsin. Drs. Kenneth Moise and Anthony Johnson of the Ob/Gyn Maternal-Fetal department and Kuojen Tsao of Pediatric Surgery department serve as the co-directors of the center and work alongside Drs. Michael Bebbington and Ramesha Papanna as the fetal intervention team.

Dr. Helena Gardiner has designed the fellowship and will be the principal director of the program at The Fetal Center of the UT School of Medicine at Houston and Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. The fellow will be directly supervised by the lead fetal cardiologist, Dr. Helena Gardiner.

The Fetal Center Fetal Cardiology department is an integral part of Ob/Gyn department with shared workspace and the successful applicant will be able to learn from attending physicians with over 75 years of cumulative experience. Clinical activities will take place in the outpatient arena at the UT Professional Building as well as the inpatient service at Memorial Hermann Hospital and operating rooms of Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. Upon completing the fellowship, the trainee will have mastered the diagnostic and therapeutic skills necessary for the management of complex fetal cardiovascular disorders, including those occurring in complex multiple pregnancies. The fellow will be directly involved in:

  • Comprehensive fetal echocardiography including ultrasound imaging and Doppler acquisition
  • Interpretation of complex hemodynamics of the fetal circulation in singletons and multiples
  • Ethics, counselling and management of pregnancy in The Fetal Center


Ongoing research includes:

  • Prediction of TTTS in monochorionic pregnancies by measuring ventricular strain
  • The use of non-invasive aortic displacement as a surrogate for inter-twin pressure differences
  • Physiological effects of Nifedipine administration in TTTS and its effect on outcomes
  • Validation of prenatal imaging studies in the prediction and outcome of isolated CDH
  • Pilot trial of FETO in fetuses with severe left CDH


Additionally the fellow will observe various clinical services which interface directly with the Fetal Cardiovascular program including pediatric cardiology, cardiovascular and pediatric surgery and MRI. The fellow will be required to be active in ongoing research or to develop a unique research endeavor of their own. It is anticipated that a minimum of one major project directed by the fellow will be completed and a manuscript developed over the course of the program.


Eligible candidates must have completed an ABOG-approved or ABO residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology or the equivalent in Pediatric Cardiology and a fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine or Pediatric Cardiology.

Interested candidates should forward three letters of
recommendation and a current curriculum vitae to:


GardinerHelena M. Gardiner, MD, PhD (Director, Fetal Cardiovascular Fellowship)

July 2017 one year advanced fetal cardiovascular fellowship at

McGovern Medical School UTHealth, Houston Texas.
6410 Fannin Street, Suite 700, UT Professional Building,
Houston, Texas 77030
email: Helena.M.Gardiner@uth.tmc.edu


This fellowship commences July 2017, please contact Professor Helena Gardiner for more details at Helena.m.gardiner@uth.tmc.edu


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