Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Fetal Cardiovascular Research: The Time Has Come

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Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography. Article in Press, published online: December 19, 2015.

Mary T. Donofrio, MD, and Jack Rychik, MD, on Behalf of the Fetal Heart Society Governing Board and
Steering Committee*, Washington, District of Columbia; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Congenital heart abnormalities are the most common birth defect among all geographic regions and racial and ethnic backgrounds.1 With advancements in imaging technology, fetal echocardiography provides the opportunity to diagnose complex cardiovascular conditions from the first trimester of pregnancy onward. As a consequence, the prenatal diagnosis and management of fetuses with cardiac anomalies is emerging as an important component of health care worldwide. Examination of the fetal heart and care of fetuses with abnormalities in the cardiovascular system have evolved considerably over the past two decades.

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